Sustainable surfboards

in the beginning surfboards where made out of wooden planks. In the 50's poeple started making surfboards out of PU and polyester. Two of the main components of a surboard. Also two of the main components that represents the fast majoraty of carbon emmisions in surfboard production. By introducing more invironmental friendly materials as a substitute for PU and Polyesters with fossil oil based hydro carbons we in change use Bio epoxy and PU made out of recycled PU and PU made out of plant based oils. This way the carbon footprint of your surfboard is reduced by 33%. 

Reduce, re-use & recycle

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Resin waste products

The most social responsible way to manage waste is to minmalise it. We @Pete's strive to make something new out of waste material. Wax combs, shotglasses etc.. visit our webshop to order your resin waste products online.