7'3" Egg beautifull sea creatures.

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Pete's egg with yellow resin tint and sea creatures cloth inlay. 60/40 rails, round pin tail. Gld level eco board.

Product Information

This mid size egg is your best friend in most surfing conditions. Single fin, smooth soft 60/40 rails and a vee to flat bottom. down rails and a nice old school beak nose. This board will let you glide into waves with ease, offers big smooth bottom turns and effortless speeeeeeeeed. 

Size or Dimensions

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7'3"x 22,5" x 3"

Product Details

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yellow resin tint
Bio epxoy
Polyola bio foam blank
Beak nose
Goldlevel eco board
Sea creatures cloth inlay
Recycled barn find old spruce 18mm stringer.