Short & mid length boards

The Glide-o-Matic

This mid size egg is your best friend in most surfing conditions. Single fin, smooth soft 60/40 rails and a vee to flat bottom. Boxy rails and a nice old school beak nose. This board will let you glide into waves with ease, offers big smooth bottom turns and effortless speeeeeeeeed. 

Standard available in:
6'6 to 8'0. 

The Retro fish

Wide fish tail, glassed on keel fins with a forward wide point and a natural rocker. This Twin Fin retro glide with generous volume will allow you to surf it short. Comes standard with glass-on keels, resin leash loop and resin tint colour.  It will make you fly on both small and bigger waves. 

Standard available in:  
5'6 to 6'10'. 


The Fat Unicorn

Reversed rocker, super wide knifey edged tail. 60/40 rails. Wide point back,  deep spoon concave. All of this formes the fat unicorn in the water. Catch waves with ease, long noserides and super responsive. 

Standard available in:
9'2 to 10'0. 

The Legend

Our tribute to our local hero Dorus Rijkers, the most famous castaways' savior in Dutch nautical history. 
The Legend is a Nose-rider all the way. Reversed rocker.  50/50 rails. rolled vee 2 flat rolled bottom with a deeeeep spoon concave in the nose. Ride in style.  

Standard available in: 
9'2 to 10'0. 

The All rounder

It 's finally here. Our performance all round longboard combines speed and maneuverability with classic curves. It is a lower volume longboard designed to satisfy those hyperactive longboarders respecting classic curves and out-lines. Vee bottom with spoon nose concave. 60/40 rail. 

Standard available in:
9'2 to 10,0

Custom orders

The board your way in any size & shape you want. Your magic board. Please contact me for info. & pricing. (Typically prices for custom boards go from 125 EU. Per foot of length For standard bio epoxy in satin matt sanded finish) Ask us for special wishes.

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